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Wands of Horus QUARTZ ** Full set

"Wands of Horus" QUARTZ medium-grain are the transitional instrument between wands with fine-grained and wands with large-grained quartz fillings.

"Wands of Horus" QUARTZ with crystals of medium grain size are the type of wands intended for those with relatively weak energy and vascular systems.

Their effect on these systems – still gentle, but more intensive than with the "Wands of Horus" with fine-grain crystal filling – tends to fortify the health after heart attacks and strokes. In essence, "Wands of Horus" with medium-grain crystals act as a means of helping the organism to recover its strength after serious vascular problems and to raise the energy condition to a higher level practically without the use of drugs.

Furthermore, "Wands of Horus" with crystals of medium grain are able to reduce the risk of vascular problems and are therefore recommended for all those having latent problems related to their vascular system. Do not wait until external or internal factors bring the vascular system to breaking point with grave consequences. Take the "Wands of Horus" in your hands and immediately feel how processes gently begin relieving inner tension calming the nervous system. Regular use of the "Wands of Horus" noticeably improves the condition of the nervous and vascular systems, significantly lowering the risk of vascular problems. Take up "Wands of Horus" and prevent the irreparable – this is better and less expensive than long and costly medicinal therapy with no guarantees.

Remember that the "Wands of Horus" are an instrument embodying the many-thousand-year experience of the initiates of ancient civilizations. In essence, "Wands of Horus" are the quintessence of the accumulated experience and genius of the ancient priests and can be of invaluable service to you and your health, if you take their advice and use the instrument that once was an integral part of the life of the ancient priests and pharaohs.

Results of studies show that the use of activating fields generated by the "Wands of Horus" reduces the post-operative recovery period by 50–60%. The effect of medications applied while using "Wands of Horus" increases by 100–200%. Therefore the use of the "Wands of Horus" can be recommended for those undergoing an ordinary course of medication therapy.

The weak energy fields created by the Wands of Horus raise the energy of the cells:

The capacity of cells to take in energy increases by 35–40%;
Protein production increases by 70–75%;
Calcium assimilation is improved;
Connective tissues are strengthened;
The healing of bone fractures is accelerated (especially important for the elderly);
Weak currents improve blood supply to the tissues;
The activity of L-lymphocytes, necessary for the normal self-renewal of tissues and the preservation of high cell-growth potential, is increased by 70%.
The "Wands of Horus" QUARTZ are also very effective in combating arthritis, arthrosis and polyarthritis. For many people the "Wands of Horus" are the only chance!

All varieties of the "Wands of Horus", and also the materials from which the copper and magnetic patches, as well as the insoles with copper-zinc inserts are made, undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in a large pyramid built specially for the purpose.

This gives the "Wands of Horus" special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism.

The "Wands of Horus" QUARZ medium-grain are supplied with:

3 sets (pairs) of insoles with copper-zinc inserts to stimulate the first chakra, the spine, the prostate (in men), the ovaries (in women) and the adrenal glands;
Special handmade leather case for the wands with Egyptian symbols (choice of genuine leather or vegan-friendly, please specify in order form);
Certificate of authenticity;
Cardboard packaging;
Cleaning Kit – Set consisting of a special cleaning paste and a microfibre cloth for gentle cleaning of the wands;
An excerpt from the book "Wands of Horus" with instructions for use
can be downloaded below:
All types of the "Wands of Horus", as well as the trademarks "Wands of Horus" and the Russian «Жезлы Гора», the pyramids and the insoles with copper-zinc inserts are protected by Russian Federation patents and have all the necessary certificates.
Sanitary certificates for the "Wands of Horus" and insoles with copper and zinc inserts